BIT stops providing dial-up service

BIT stops providing dial-up service

03-02-2017 08:44:46

The characteristic creaking and squeaking sound of a modem dialling in to an ISP: an entire generation grew up with it. For many, it has already been a long time since their internet connection was built up over the phone line: after all, there are all kinds of better solutions now for faster, permanent internet access.

Despite all that, it was still possible to dial in to the internet with us. Until last month. Even though the amount of dial-ups has been nowhere near the amounts we have seen around the turn of the century, there were still a few specific use cases that used our dial-up service. There were still many PIN-terminals that used this way of connecting to the internet to process payments, and church telephony still dialled-up on Sundays.

And now BIT is also closing the era of dial-up. That is quite a memorable moment, since our dial-up service is what got us started 21 years ago.

Fortunately, YouTube allows us to replay the sound of the old days here:, so we can quickly realise that our access to the internet nowadays is a lot faster and simple.

By: Teun Vink