Practical Tips & Tools during Safe Internet Bootcamp

Practical Tips & Tools during Safe Internet Bootcamp

15-05-2017 08:59:36

The Safe Internet Bootcamp was organised on the 10th of May of this year in BIT-MeetMe in Ede. Around 100 IT managers and professionals attended this event to get advice on the steps that need to be taken to ensure that employees use the internet in a safe and secure manner. What are the dangers and risks for organisations when this is not properly monitored? And who is responsible for all the data that is being collected?

In addition to interesting presentations, attendees got useful tips and tools that we put into a nice overview below.


If you want to see the different presentations again, please click here.


Tips & Tools

With the ‘Lightbeam’  tool you can monitor what happens when you visit a website, which applications are active, which companies can see your activities and what information you share with third parties. Download Lightbeam here.

Privacy by Design Framework
Do you want to know how your organisation can use privacy by design as required by the AVG? With the Privacy  by Design Framework you can use this as a practical tool in developing processes and services. Download the Privacy by Design Framework here.

Train your team!
Are your employees on alert for social engineering? How can you create awareness among your employees so sensitive corporate data does not fall into the hands of criminals. Inform your employees about the dangers. For a good example of how easy it is to get information, click here.

How secure is your website?
You want to provide visitors of your website with a secure environment. Especially when they leave confidential information on your site. How secure is your website and which items can be improved? Do the test on and make the necessary adjustments.

During the Safe Internet Bootcamp there were many questions on the wide array of subjects that were discussed. Including a question from the audience on the costs associated with alternatives that provide more privacy. How do you handle this as the owner of a small business? Rejo Zenger, from Bits of Freedom, wrote an interesting article in response.

Reading tip!
We have found another interesting article for you to read about the influence of systems and how our use of it determines our lives. Read it here.