360-tour through BIT data centers

360-tour through BIT data centers

20-06-2017 14:29:19

Have you seen the inside of our data centers yet? You can always come by to have a look, but now you can also take virtual 360° tour through our impressive data centers!

We have created several videos where we tell you about the way we have organised security, fire safety, cooing and power supply and we take you to our visitor centre BIT-MeetMe.

You can view the 360° videos in several ways:

  • On your desktop with Firefox or Chrome. You can look around with your cursor in the video.

  • On your smartphone or tablet. Move your device to get a 360 degrees look.

  • By using a Cardboard. Click on the Cardboard icon in the bottom right corner and place your phone in the Cardboard.

View here the 360° videos: