Data tapping law > HTTPS more important than ever

Data tapping law > HTTPS more important than ever

17-07-2017 13:49:23

On July 11th of this year, the Dutch Senate has accepted the proposal for the renewal of the law for intelligence agencies. In that law is stated, among other things, that all online communication can be intercepted and analysed on a large scale and undirected. You should be thinking about all traffic to and from a medium sized city in the Netherlands. If the Snowden revelations a few years back and the reports of online criminality every day were not enough reason for encrypting your traffic yet, this data tapping law certainly should be.

HTTPS standard included

Several application suppliers and content providers have made sure to encrypt their services. We have been doing this for years at BIT. It is always possible to get an HTTPS with our webhosting services. The use of HTTPS, including SSL-offloading and an SSL-certificate is always included in our services. Even our email platform has been supporting encrypted connections for years, both on the sending as the receiving end of the connection (provided that the other side also supports encryption). It is also possible to encrypt your emails yourself, for example with OpenPGP. Our webmail platform can be used in combination with Mailvelope so it only takes the installation of a browser plug-in to send and receive encrypted emails.

Where possible, encrypted connections are applied or even enforced in our servicing. Without any extra costs, because privacy should not be given a price tag.

By: Wido Potters