Press release: No suspension Wiv leads to interim proceedings

Press release: No suspension Wiv leads to interim proceedings

18-04-2018 08:58:20

Data center BIT, together with a coalition of journalists, lawyers, NGO’s and IT and tech companies, is preparing a lawsuit against the Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv). The coalition, consisting of Bits of Freedom, Privacy First, the NJCM, the NVSA, Free Press Unlimited, BIT, Voys, Speakup and the Civil Rights Protection Platform, is planning to sue the government in interim proceedings if the introduction of the law on May 1st, 2018, is not suspended. Today, the coalition is sending an open letter to the Dutch government, asking to postpone the introduction of the Wiv. At least until after the changes have been discussed in parliament.

The Wiv contains some fundamental problems and is in conflict with human rights in certain areas. During the referendum on the Wiv last March, the majority of the voters has voted against the law. In reaction to this, the government has suggested a few changes. This means that the First and Second Chamber need to discuss the proposals again.

Alex Bik, CTO at BIT, says this: “First of all, our concerns are not resolved by the changes that have been proposed, which, among other things, relate to the ‘dragnet’ and the exchange of data with foreign secret services. Secondly, it would be the wrong way around if we implement a law first and change it after. This would hurt innocent civilians and the digital economy.”