Interim proceedings against the introduction of unchanged Wiv

Interim proceedings against the introduction of unchanged Wiv

17-05-2018 13:01:59

On June 7, 2018, the previously announced summary proceedings against the introduction of the unchanged Act on Intelligence and Security Services (Wiv). BIT, as part of the coalition also consisting of Bits of Freedom, Free Press Unlimited, Greenpeace, Mijndomein, het Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten (NJCM), de Nederlandse Vereniging van Strafrechtadvocaten (NVSA), Privacy First, SpeakUp, Stichting Platform Bescherming Burgerrechten, Stichting Waag Society and VOYS summons the State to appear before court in the case of the introduction of the Wiv. After the outcome of the referendum, the cabinet agreed to amend the law which will now be introduced without any changes anyway.

On March 21, voters have expressed their opinion on the law. The outcome showed that a majority was against the law as it was. In response, the cabinet said they would implement a number of changes. For the time being, the cabinet has decided to enter the law into force without any changes on the 1st of May. The plaintiffs demand that the two most important points in the Wiv, the ‘dragnet’ and the exchanges of (unevaluated) data with foreign services, are suspended until the issues have been discussed in the Second and the First Chamber.

The public hearing will be on 7 June 2018 at 10:00hrs in the court of The Hague.

The summons to the State can be found here.