BIT calls IT professionals to action with Internet Clean Manifesto

BIT calls IT professionals to action with Internet Clean Manifesto

06-12-2018 13:18:09

With the Clean Internet Manifesto, data center BIT calls for IT professionals to start working for a safe, free and open internet while maintaining privacy. The rules of conduct are explained in the manifesto based on three pillars: privacy, security and sustainability. In order to continue to benefit from the advantages of IT and to ensure that the Dutch prosperity does not come to a standstill, it is essential that the entire sector contributes to a clean internet.

Growing use of IT commands effective measures

Internet and IT provide a major contribution to the progress of the Dutch economy. The IT market is growing and our dependence on it grows with it. Inherent to this, the impact of cybercrime is increasing as well. In addition, the large scale use of IT facilities is putting considerable pressure on the environment. The increasing risks require more awareness and effective measures. The focus of the manifesto is on IT and internet use by businesses.  When the corporate life takes responsibility for a cleaner internet, they can make the difference.

Alex Bik, CTO at BIT: “Every IT professional should have a safe and clean internet in mind as a basic condition for everything he or she does. Unfortunately, there is not enough attention for this issue in practice. Organisations are fully focussed on innovation and development. Devices are connected to the internet and data is being collected. That data, in turn, is used for all kinds of purposes without much conscious thought. The focus is usually too much on functionality and too little (and too late) on safety, privacy and sustainability.  But of course, there are a number of risks involved. Not just for the organisations themselves, but also for the users of their products and all other internet users. With this manifesto we are calling for IT professionals to take their responsibility. The rules are simple, but can truly make a difference. That way, the Netherlands can keep growing digitally.”

The Clean Internet Manifesto

You can find the Clean Internet Manifesto here: