Mobile internet with a fixed IP address, something for you?

Mobile internet with a fixed IP address, something for you?

14-03-2019 12:54:59


You are on the road a lot, don’t want to connect to WiFi but you still want quick and easy access to your systems. That is why you use mobile internet. The public IP address that is assigned by your ISP is one out of a group of IP addresses. This assigned IP address also changes from time to time. So you cannot easily – and safely – allow one single IP address in your firewalls.

The solution is here. And it is mobile internet with a fixed IP address; an interesting option for those who do not have a wired connection or is dependent on mobile connections. Think about system managers that have to connect to a distant machine from a mobile device. You use a private APN (Access Point Name) by BIT on the Vodafone network and you will always be assigned the same IP address. An Access Point Name is the place where you have to ‘go outside’ towards the public internet form the 2G, 3G, 4G or the future 5G mobile network. Because you get the same IP address every time, you can allow traffic from that particular IP address in your firewall for the systems that can be reached externally, instead of having to allow entire series of IP addresses that can be used by others as well.

The use of a private APN has a number of advantages compared to setting up a VPN. For example, a private APN is immediately active when using mobile internet, while a VPN requires the user to start up a new connection each time it is used. In addition, the initial setup of a VPN is a time consuming process due to the many variables and variations, but the private APN only needs 4 values (username, password, hostname of APN and type of verification) for the initial setup.

About BIT’s mobile internet

In collaboration with Vodafone and VanDelen Telecom, BIT now offers mobile connections. These connections are outfitted with a fixed public IPv4 address, so they do not use changing or shared IP addresses. This allows the mobile device to become more approachable from the outside. As an extra safety precaution, the accounts used to log on to our APN only work for mobile phone numbers that have been cleared for access by Vodafone. 

An added advantage is the firewall that we provide with this service that also enables us to allow incoming traffic if desired. For example a webserver behind a mobile router that is installed on a location that does not offer wired internet.

Are you curious about the possibilities for you? We will be happy to answer any questions!