BIT increases network capacity and availability with new switches

BIT increases network capacity and availability with new switches

09-05-2019 10:34:50

Arista switches are foundation for growth and innovation

Ede, 9 May 2019 – In order to increase the capacity and availability of its network, BIT has replaced all the switches in its three data centers with Arista switches. This new network is in line with the current mindset: it is a good basis for innovation, both dor BIT and its clients. The network enables BIT to meet both the current and future demand of bandwidth needs as it increases. The new switches also provide the possibility to further automate the management and configuration of network equipment.

In the current situation, four to eight switches are installed on each floor, where there were only one or two before. This ensures the realisation of simple redundance. We are talking about 24 switches with over 800 connections.

Teun Vink, Manager of Network Management at BIT: “In the first stages of this process we have compared several suppliers and performed a Proof of Concept with multiple parties, including Arista. We have started work on the production environment in 2017, which included monitoring, problem solving, support manuals and billing of data traffic. We started the full implementation of this project last year. First, we moved BIT itself to new network in order to demonstrate that we truly trust in this solution. After that, we moves our clients there as well. The new Arista switches provide a flexible solution that enables a better service for our clients' demands.”

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