Network maintenance DMZ migration

Network maintenance DMZ migration

31-07-2019 00:00:00 - 31-07-2019 04:00:00

Urgency: Planned
Affected services:
- Email
- Shared webhosting
- Portal
- Internal BIT servers
- Backup
Expected impact:
- A brief interruption of the affected services.
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 163428


BIT will be performing a network migration with the intent to move the demilitarized zone (DMZ) within the BIT network.


Currently the DMZ is active on the Juniper core routers that belong to BIT. In order to put the new firewall cluster into use, a DMZ migration is needed. During this migration, the DMZ will be moved from the Juniper Core routers to the new firewall cluster. A total of around twenty internal BIT VLAN's will be impacted with this change. In this process, the internal DNS servers will be migrated. Due to this change, internal BIT servers will not have access to the DNS services. Amongst others the mail platform, the shared hosting platforms and the portal will be unavailable for a short period of time or some functionalities will lack. Sending mail servers that are configured conform industry standards and that want to deliver email to our mail platform will queue their email until our platform will become available. Customers who want to use the portal to announce a visit to the data center and are unable to do so are requested to inform us (for free) by phone on their visit. Customers may be unable to access their backups for a short period of time. The public facing DNS services will not be impacted and remain intact.

During this maintenance, multiple BIT engineers will be present to execute this migration.