LomboXnet benefits from additional bandwidth BIT

LomboXnet benefits from additional bandwidth BIT

18-03-2020 08:06:45


More than double amounts of upload traffic during the day by home workers and online education

Internet provider LomboXnet is taking advantage of the extra bandwidth that data center BIT has made available for its clients in the past week. The internet provider mainly provides internet in the Lombok district in Utrecht-West. LomboXnet also provides internet to thousands of students in Utrecht, Wageningen and Almere, Compared to the last weeks, LomboXnet sees a significant rise in internet use. This goes mostly for internet use during office hours.

Increase in upload and download traffic

Compared to the past three weeks, the upload traffic has increased with more than 136 percent. The download traffic has increased with over 46 percent*. Robin Berg, owner of LomboXnet: “We are seeing more than double the amounts of upload traffic compared to the past few weks. This can mostly be attributed to online meetings and students using digital education options. Where we usually saw a peak in traffic in the evening, when people start streaming when they get home, we now see this peak during office hours.”

BIT has proactively approached LomboXnet to increase their bandwidth. Wido Potters, Manager Sales & Support at BIT: “We expected an increase in the traffic for multiple clients, so we have decided to offer these organisations extra bandwidth before the actual increase in the traffic occurred. This way we can contribute to ensuring that business in the Netherlands can continue to operate as best as possible.”

Berg: “BIT has a clear vision of how to deal with the world. They value security, privacy and sustainability. The data center takes its social responsibility, even in times as this. That makes them the right partner for us.”

*This traffic was measured at 10 AM and 3 PM on Mondays. 

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the extra bandwidth we are offering our clients? Please feel free to contact us on sales@bit.nl or 0318 648 688.