Adjusted guidelines when visiting BIT

Adjusted guidelines when visiting BIT

30-06-2020 08:39:41


By adapting the measures that the government has taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus, we are adapting the guidelines that we communicated earlier.

For example, technicians who have to carry out work in both data centers BIT-1 and BIT-2, and are guided by our engineers, no longer have to deal with an hour difference in the visits between these locations. This also applies to customers who have independent access to both data centers.

It is also possible to schedule "physical" appointments with our relations, provided that the distance is 1.5 meters. As you have read in previous reports, we have taken measures so that you can safely visit our data centers or BIT-MeetMe.

For visits to our data centers as well as BIT-MeetMe, where we receive our relations, visits are not possible if you have a fever or a cold. Every visit, to both the data centers and BIT-MeetMe, must also be made known to us in advance.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about the guidelines we use, please contact us at or +31 318 648 688.