We carry on working from home

We carry on working from home

17-12-2021 11:21:04

We have been dealing with the pandemic for almost two years. There is hope on the horizon, but we will have to hang on for now. The caretaker cabinet is asking us to work from home as much as possible, especially now we are dealing with the rapidly spreading Omikron variant. This policy will undoubtedly continue under the new cabinet.

Many of our clients have primarily been working from a distance since the beginning, using a video calling service to be able to see and hear colleagues, while they diligently go about their daily business at home in the attic, perhaps with a pet on their lap.

BIT is happy to help with this effort. In addition to the still popular public service meetme.bit.nl, we have offered a hosted Jitsi video calling environment for quite a while now, providing you with your own (scalable) dedicated resources and allowing you to configure privacy and security settings according to your wishes. We can also offer a processor agreement with this hosted Jitsi and we provide an SLA as standard. All this is of course hosted in our 100% Dutch and ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certified data centers. It doesn't get any safer or more privacy friendly than this.


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Read more about what's possible here or contact us for more information. Request a quote for video calling within your own environment or try the free public version meetme.bit.nl

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