Emergency Fiber Maintenance BIT-1 - Equinix AM7

Emergency Fiber Maintenance BIT-1 - Equinix AM7

17-02-2023 00:00:00 - 17-02-2023 06:00:00

Urgency: Emergency
Time window: 17/02/2023 0:00 - 6:00h
Affected services:
- internet connectivity
- customer wavelength on this path
Expected impact:
- internet traffic will be rerouted automatically
- customer wavelength will be disrupted several minutes
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 184238


The DWDM kit in BIT-1 has a faulty management interface. As a result we're unable to properly monitor the device. We will replace the device with a spare unit in this maintenance window. As a result, all waves between BIT-1 and Equinix AM7 will be disrupted for several minutes. Internet traffic will be rerouted via other paths.


All BIT and customer waves will be moved to the replacement kit during this maintenance window.
Update placed at 17/02/2023, 2:00h
Unfortunately we encountered problems with two BIT waves on the new DWDM kit. After a number of tests we decided to move the connections back to the old DWDM kit with faulty management. We continue to have measurements from the DWDM kit on the other end of the fiber. We will discuss with our DWDM vendor how to proceed with both kits. Any actions resulting from this will be done in a new, to be announced maintenance window. This concludes our maintenance for today.