Maintenance ESD floor coating server rooms

Maintenance ESD floor coating server rooms

19-05-2023 08:00:00 - 16-06-2023 17:30:00

Urgency: Planned
Affected services: None
Expected impact: None
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 184489


All server room floors will be provided with a new ESD top coat.


Our server room floors are equipped with an ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) top coat to prevent static electricity. ESD coatings prevent the buildup of electrostatic charges caused by persons walking in the room and causing friction. This reduces the chance of equipment damage from ESD. Additionally, floors with ESD coatings attract less dirt. This top coat needs to be replaced every few years. Our supplier will clean the floor, remove the old top coat and apply a new one. After applying the coating, it must dry for twelve hours. Therefore, during the drying process, it will only be possible to enter the server room for emergencies. The following list states the date on which each server room will get its new coating. We request you to limit visits to these server rooms the rest of that day and the following evening and night.

BIT-1: 19-05-2023
BIT-2A: 26-05-2023
BIT-2B: 02-06-2023
BIT-2C: 09-06-2023
BIT-2D: 16-06-2023