Tuxis Named Preferred Kerio Partner

Tuxis Named Preferred Kerio Partner

11-12-2014 14:25:54 - 09-06-2029 14:25:54

Kerio Technologies, with its headquarters in the USA, offers corporate solutions and distributes these products through a network of 6000 distributors. For years, BIT has been a loyal distributor of Kerio products in the Benelux. We offer, for example, an advanced firewall package (Kerio Control), a VoIP based phone exchange (Kerio Operator), a secure messaging server (Kerio Connect) and Kerio Connect Cloud; the hosted version of Kerio Connect. Kerio products meet the highest standards corporate users require and are designed based on 3 principles; simplicity, stability and security.

By means of more than 500 resellers, we provide these products throughout the Benelux. Tuxis Internet Engineering from Ede is one of these resellers and has recently joined the select group of Preferred Kerio partners in the Netherlands. This status is only given to Kerio partners that can provide a clear added value to their final customers.

Within minutes, Tuxis can deliver a completely hosted Kerio environment. A Kerio mail server (Connect) as well as the Kerio telephone exchange (Operator) are supplied from the Tuxis cloud for a fixed amount a month per user. With (free) software, Tuxis provides insight into the use of storage on your mailing server and can automatically facilitate the billing of your hosted Kerio services. In the near future, migrations from Gmail will be simplified as well. Gmail2Kerio can transfer email, agendas and contacts with a few clicks.

Tuxis is a service provider for ICT parties and companies with their own system operators. Since 2009, Tuxis has been providing services from BIT's data center in Ede. Tuxis offers its clients high quality internet services like collocation, bespoke webhosting, email, telephony, online back-ups and (private) cloud environments. Especially clients requiring high capacities or who have special requests are a good match for Tuxis, while a number of standard services provide convenience.