BIT co-founder of the Dutch Datacenter Association

BIT co-founder of the Dutch Datacenter Association

08-01-2015 10:28:45 - 07-07-2030 10:28:45

As of January 8, 2015, the Netherlands are home to an umbrella trade organisation for datacenters: the Stichting Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA). Together with a large number of other market leaders in the datacenter business, BIT has worked towards a constructive interaction with stakeholders and the government.

The DDA represents twenty market leading datacenters in the Netherlands that are committed to the economic and social significance of the rapidly expanding datacenter sector. Internationally speaking, the Netherlands are in a pivotal position; our country is an appealing location for datacenters. The new foundation will act as a party in negotiations with stakeholders and the government, will support projects in the environmental, social and educational context and will do everything in its power to stimulate growth in the sector.

Online services like cloud services and mobile apps, are taking up an increasingly big part of our everyday life. In order for these functions to function as optimally as possible and to allow further development, a reliable digital infrastructure is essential. Datacenters are the foundation for this infrastructure. Countless foreign datacenters, network companies, cloud providers and other online businesses have settled in our country. This positively affects the (direct and indirect) employment opportunities, but the public treasury as well. Our economy would definitely benefit from a good and future-proof datacenter environment.

Market Leaders
To properly represent the datacenter sector, BIT has worked together with 19 other market leading datacenters, which operate over 70 datacenter locations in the Netherlands, to found the Stichting Dutch Datacenter Association.

The DDA has set three goals. First of all, interaction between participants, market parties, government, interest groups and platforms is promoted. Secondly, the DDA advertises and promotes the role, impact and significance of the datacenter sector in our society. And finally the DDA makes initiatives, or supports existing projects, in the fields of environment, society and education.

Code of Conduct
BIT endorses the DDA's code of conduct, which includes important fundamental conditions for a good image, reliability and trust, which forms the basis for a professional and successful datacenter sector.