Webinar Kerio Control: Internet Traffic Optimization

Webinar Kerio Control: Internet Traffic Optimization

16-02-2015 08:52:35

Kerio Control can be used to manage multiple lines and mixed traffic (ADSL and 3G), to improve priority and to monitor the network.

In our webinar, we will demonstrate the full potential of Kerio Control with multiple Internet links

- Multiple links management, ADSL and 3G;
- Rule optimization;
- QoS settings;
- Address latency on specific links;
- Proxy Server;
- ...and more Presenters: Marino Viglotti and Anton Tikhonov, Kerio Sales Engineers

When: February 24 2015
Registration: http://bit.ly/kerio-reg

Audio and video will be transmitted via Adobe Connect, please have your speakers ready.

Note: This webinar is in English.

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