Judge Ends Data Retention Law Communication Data

Judge Ends Data Retention Law Communication Data

11-03-2015 10:58:00

Today, the Court of The Hague has ruled in the preliminary injunction against the State on the Data Retention Law for Telecommunications. The claims have been assigned. The State has to remove the law, which requires telecommunication companies and internet providers to retain various data on internet and telephony for six to twelve months so the Court of Justice may use it to enforce the law, for the plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs in this procedure are privacy advocates Privacy First, the Dutch Association for Criminal Defence Lawyers, the Dutch Association of Journalists, the Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, internet provider BIT and telecom providers VOYS and SpeakUp. They were assisted by Fulco Blokhuis and Otto Volgenant of Boekx Advocaten.

BIT welcomes the court's decision. Wido Potters, Manager Support & Sales at BIT B.V. states: Of course we will remove the unjustly stored data as soon as possible."

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