BIT takes another step in sustainability

BIT takes another step in sustainability

19-01-2018 09:26:28

At the end of 2017, two new drycoolers were installed. That means that we took another step with the sustainability of our data centers. It is one of the many green initiatives that BIT applies and, of course, we are proud of that. Using drycoolers saves a lot of energy, since they use significantly less power than cooling machines. This is not just good for the environment, but also saves a lot of energy costs.

We can use the drycoolers to cool our data centers with an outside temperature up to 14 degrees. The outside air blows through these drycoolers and that cools the water that is pumped through them. The Netherland has a perfect climate for these drycoolers so the use of the conventional cooling machines can be decreased very significantly.

A lower PUE

The plans for this whole process were made at the start of 2017. At the end of the summer, we started installing the pipes and the drycoolers (with a length of 14 metres and a capacity of 715kW each) were placed on the newly built NSA building. This setup provides the free cooling for a total of 1.400 kW for a large part of the year and/or a precooling for the cooling machines. Thanks to the new drycoolers, we have managed to significantly reduce the PUE; from 1,35 to 1,22 PUE.

By: Peter van Wijk