The importance of a carrier neutral data center

The importance of a carrier neutral data center

11-10-2018 09:28:37

You are looking for a stable location for your IT environment. You have read up on the information on power supply, cooling and security. Everything, from start to finish, is set up redundantly. You want to increase the availability of your IT environment and reduce downtime to a minimum. Still, in addition to an optimal infrastructure, it might be good to think about your internet connection as well. Does that have a redundant setup as well? If you are dependent on a single network provider, the risk of downtime will be greater. A data center that allows you to choose from multiple providers (carrier neutral) is an absolute must.

Worldwide connections

In our data centers, we can offer you several options for internet connections and connections to other data centers. There are numerous networks available outside of our own network. For example, we can establish a quick and cheap direct connection between existing connections in your office and the data centers at BIT. Because the network of practically every large network operator stretches into the BIT data centers, the possibilities for connecting are limitless. Through a large number of international carriers, we can reach the entire world from our data centers, and the entire world can reach us.


A network provider that suits you

Door het grote aanbod aan carriers kunt u gemakkelijk en snel van netwerkprovider veranderen wanneer dit nodig is. Een constructie met keuze uit meerdere carriers zorgt tevens voor redundantie en flexibiliteit. Zijn er bijvoorbeeld al contracten met netwerkproviders, dan kunnen deze behouden worden. Wilt u juist wel wisselen van provider dan hoeft er niet fysiek verhuisd te worden. Een ander groot voordeel van meerdere aanbieders is dat dit ook kosteneffectief is. Onze klanten zijn niet afhankelijk van één leverancier en kunnen voor elke ICT-dienst op zoek gaan naar de beste prijs-/kwaliteitsverhouding.

Redundant connections

Access to multiple network providers allows you the advantage of creating more redundancy. If one network provider is experiencing failures, your traffic will be sent through another provider and your servers and services will remain online.

The advantages:

  • Freedom of choice: you choose the carrier that suits you.
  • Cost efficient: because multiple carriers offer their services.
  • Spread of risks: by contracting multiple providers for your services, you are not dependent on one party only.
  • Flexibility: no need to move to another data center when you switch carriers.