SLA changes

SLA changes

16-08-2018 11:07:28

We have updated three of our service level agreement documents. All changes improve our service or the communication regarding our services. Please find the changes below.

Changes in chapter 6 'Maintenance' of the SLA Framework. Maintenance will be announced 14 days prior to the maintenance. This used to be 5 days.

Changes in paragraph 3.3 'Climate Control' of the SLA Addenda Colocation BIT-1 and BIT-2. The text stated that the temperature is measured at the front of the rack, it now states that the temperature is guaranteed at the front of the rack.

Changes in chapter 3 'Service Description' of the SLA Addenda Colocation BIT-1 and BIT-2. Paragraph 3.5 'Backup power tests' is added to both SLA's. The paragraph states the moments that BIT performs backup power tests and black building tests.

You can find the new version of these documents at