Maintenance BIT-2A UPS A-feed

Maintenance BIT-2A UPS A-feed

13-12-2019 08:00:00 - 13-12-2019 17:00:00

Urgency: Planned
Affected services:
- Equipment in BIT-2A
Expected impact:
- Possible loss of power redundancy
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 164632


Our supplier will be performing maintenance on our A-feed UPS in BIT-2A. During this maintenance our supplier will replace the batteries on the A-feed of the UPS with new batteries.


During the battery replacement, at least one feed will be available continuously. During this maintenance one of the four UPSs of the A-feed will be put in bypass mode. We do not expect any disruption in the A-feed power supply. The remaining three UPSs of the A-feed have more then enough capacity. The replacement will introduce an age difference between the batteries of the A-feed and the batteries of the B-feed. This is on purpose, it will improve the availability of the setup.