Network maintenance BIT-2D

Network maintenance BIT-2D

12-12-2019 00:00:00 - 12-12-2019 04:00:00

Affected services:
- Customers with a network connection to switch "leaf-sw1.bit-2d"
- Customers with a network connection to switch "leaf-sw2.bit-2d"
Expected Impact:
- Disruption of network connection for a couple of minutes during reboot of switch
Customer intervention required: No
Reference number: 165635


Due to a bug in the firmware of leaf switches in BIT-2D, it is necessary to upgrade this firmware. During this maintenance all aforementioned switches will be upgraded and rebooted. Customers with a redundant connection will see their network links go down and up in turn. Customers with a single network connection will be disconnected for a few minutes.


The leaf switches appear to have a bug where a process is slowly claiming more and more memory. Ultimately this will result in lack of memory and eventually downtime. A firmware upgrade is required to prevent this. This upgrade will result in network disruption of a few minutes per switch. To minimize impact for customers with a redundant network connection, the switches will be upgraded and restarted one by one. Customers with a single network connection in BIT-2D will not be connected for a few minutes during the switch reboot. On your invoice you can find whether you have a connection to one of the aforementioned switches..
Update placed on 12-12-2019, 1.15 hrs

This maintenance was successfully completed at 1.15 am. Normal operations have resumed. You may have noticed one or more link interruptions during the restart of the leaf switches. This was as expected. If you are still experiencing problems at this moment, please contact us.