Adjusted measures BIT due to COVID-19

Adjusted measures BIT due to COVID-19

20-03-2020 17:39:06


In a previous news item, you have read about the hygienic measures we have taken to limit the further spread of COVID-19. In light of the current developments, we have further strengthened these measures. Measures with which we intend to further limit the spread of the virus and guarantee the desired quality of our services. Below, you can read about the adjustments. The tightened measures will take effect immediately and remain in place until at least April 28th 2020. 

New or stricter measures:

  • Technicians who must carry out work in both data center BIT-1 and BIT-2 are supervised by our data center engineers and must keep an hour’s time between visiting the two locations. This is to protect data center engineers against possible contamination from the other locations and to protect us from availability risks. Our people have been working in separate teams since Friday March 13.

  • The same protocol is in place for clients without independent access to our data centers. They can only visit data center BIT-1 and BIT-2 with an hour in between. In order to cover this hour, we offer emote hands to do the work.

  • 90 percent of BIT’s employees is working form home since Monday March 17.


Measures already in place:

  • We are limiting physical contact with clients. Conference calls and such solutions are used where possible.

  • You must act in accordance with the hygienic measures set by the RIVM. Wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow and use paper towels.

  • We urge visitors with respiratory complaints to postpone their visit or employ BIT to do the work.

  • Most hands-on activities in our data centers are carried out by our engineers, free of charge. Employ BIT in order to limit social contact in the coming weeks.

  • Despite the majority of our employees working from home, we can still be reached on our regular phone number 0318 648 688. Naturally, it is also possible to ask questions or make notifications in our client portal or by sending an email to


More information:

Would you like more information about our services or the measures we are taking with regard to COVID-19, please feel free to contact us on 0318 648 688 or

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