Tapping law festival ‘Nothing to hide’

Tapping law festival ‘Nothing to hide’

09-03-2018 09:13:14

What do the secret services want to know from us? How exactly will they get this information and what are the risks? The Tapping Law Festival ‘Nothing to hide’ in Nijmegen provides such information on Saturday 17 March with a full day and evening program with activities for all ages. 

The referendum on the Intelligence and Security Services Act (Wiv) will take place on March 21st. As you have been able to read in our earlier posts, BIT is against this large-scale method of information tapping for several reasons. Below we will summarise those reasons once more. 

The security of the internet weakens

Services no longer benefit form reporting vulnerabilities, which means that the system will remain vulnerable. A recent example of that is the WannaCry worm that incapacitated systems in hospitals and the port of Rotterdam.

Violation of human rights

Thousands of organisations will soon have to relinquish data and allow their networks to be tapped. This data can be shared with countries that are oppressing their people. Even Amnesty International is against this law.

Weakening of the international competitive position

The business climates in terms of privacy, security and financial perspective for companies, specifically (start-up) internet companies, will become less attractive if this law gets through. This has direct consequences for businesses like BIT, which primarily provides services to such companies.

Stability issues in the communication infrastructure

The placing of the current, much smaller, taps is already causing stability problems. That is a disturbing thought when it comes to our communication infrastructure that also carries calls to the 112 emergency number.

And this is still just a limited part of the consequences of the Wiv as it is intended now. Enough reason for us to speak out against this law and to support initiatives that makes people aware of the consequences. One of these initiatives is the above-mentioned Tapping Law Festival ‘Nothing to hide’ on Saturday 17 March. Follow the debates, speed talks and workshops and make sure you are well-informed when you cast your vote on 21 March!