Uptime data center BIT crucial for quality services Missing Piece

Uptime data center BIT crucial for quality services Missing Piece

26-05-2020 11:05:58

IT outsourcing specialist Missing Pieces has been choosing the colocation services by data center BIT for ten years now. Their main reason is the uptime of the data center. For Missing Piece, an organisation managing 5,000 workplaces for assurance offices, financial service providers and accountancies, the uptime is crucial for the quality of their services. The collaboration with BIT ensures this.

Internet connectivity vital for the continuity of services

Missing Piece rents rack space at BIT, including cooling, power and internet connectivity. The internet connection is vital for the continuity of Missing Piece’s services. That was why that was the most pronounced technical point of interest when choosing BIT. During the selection, use of power was also taken into account, both due to the costs and the environment. 

Marco van Dam, co-founder of Missing Piece: “BIT came up at a selection where we looked at things like continuity of the services, efficiency and performance, but also at the fit for our company. We are very content and decisive there. Decisive in our loyalty to BIT comes from the personal servicing. We have good contacts, short lines and appreciate the way they fulfil their promises.”

Walter Jansen, Accountmanager at BIT: “The collaboration with Missing Piece has been pleasant from the get-go. Direct contact is always possible with anyone in both organisations and that is a great way to work together.”

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