Drone Recordings at BIT

Drone Recordings at BIT

17-12-2014 10:03:51

By: Larissa van Haaster

On Thursday November 13th of this year, Aeriallive has made film recordings of BIT's datacenters. The end result is a fascinating clip that shows off our datacenters from a completely different perspective. The recordings were made with a steadicam and a drone.

Watch the clip here!

Brand and model: DJI, S800 EVO v3
Flightsystem: DJI A2
Type: Hexacopter (6 motors) powered by 6 separate controls of 45 Amperes each. 3 left-turning and 3 right-turning propellers.
Battery voltage: 19,8v - 25,2v

Gimbal (camera stabilisation):
Brand and model: Zenmuse Z15
Type: 3-axis driven by 3 brushless stepper motors
Technique: The camera is gyroscopically stabilised. Deviations are detected by the gyroscopes and converted into motor rotations. The gimbal is operated with a 2.4Ghz wireless transmitter. Live footage can be seen from the ground on a 7" monitor by means of a 5.8Ghz connection.

Brand and model: DJI Ronin
Technique: This system works exactly the same as the drone's stabilisation system.