Why colocation contributes to the digital transformation

Why colocation contributes to the digital transformation

12-03-2018 14:08:54

The world is changing. From the way in which employees work to the clients who want to be served faster by the day; the digital transformation is forcing organisations to adapt constantly. Can you handle it all yourself? Or is it wise to start thinking about colocation? In this blog I will explain the importance of colocation in the digital transformation.

No business without continuity

What are the consequences when you cannot access your order system anymore? What is the impact for your business if the power fails? What happens when your clients constantly log on into a very slow service web, because you could not upgrade the connection when you reached the maximum? These are scenario’s you want to avoid. Especially now that the dependence on IT is growing exponentially. Colocation ensures you of business continuity. A data center, after all, has access to proven technologies and the best management specialists.

In addition, internet connectivity is also a requirement for business continuity. Especially in the era of the digital transformation. But an internet connection is not a standard product. The quality of your internet access is strongly dependent on the way in which your ISP set up the connection to the world outside of your own network. A data center makes sure you do not have to worry about this for single second. They are often carrier-neutral, which means that an organisation can setup their own network exactly how they want it. If wanted, it is easy to switch from network provider quickly. A construction with the option of several carriers ensures redundance and flexibility, which ensures you of internet connectivity.

Upscaling or downscaling when the business demands

In the era of the digital transformation, the degree of flexibility and scalability are crucially important. This is one of the advantages of colocation. In your own office building you probably do not have a suitable environment to house servers and other important business equipment. In addition to the fact that it is very costly to build your own data center, it is impossible to endlessly scale up or down in your own location.


Specialist knowledge and expertise

In order to keep up with the digital transformation, it is important to know about all the new technologies and keep track of them. This requires a lot of time and knowledge. And you do not always have that, especially when you want to be focussing on your core business. A data center always has a number of specialists around. The employees of a data center have extensive knowledge and expertise in various fields; from digital technologies to power and from technical facilities to security. They are continuously trained in these fields, because it is their core business. This ensures that systems are carefully monitored and secured 24/7. This ensures the continuity of IT equipment.

In short, the digital transformation is an important goal for many organisations. Colocation is a means to get there. Because next to the guarantee of continuity and connectivity, colocation ensures you of various security aspects as well, in the field of information security as well as physical security and fire protection. Why would you still worry about IT conditions when you can put your full focus on your own business?

IT departments at the start of the digital transformation have to think carefully about where they want to invest their time and money. There are still too many investments in maintaining IT infrastructures when resources can be put to better use by improving the business. It is sensible to start considering colocation. This accelerates the digital transformation without wasting resources.

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By: Arjen Steinfort Schaap