Colocation | Urgently need a rack for your equipment?

Colocation | Urgently need a rack for your equipment?

13-05-2019 11:31:52


We regularly publish blogs, news items and videos about our services, the network and the infrastructure that accommodate these services. All very important, of course, but if you have to wait two weeks to start using these services, you are not a happy camper. Sometimes it is just as important to be able to switch quickly when necessary. Think about calamities that require a speedy relocation for your equipment. Such a calamity does not allow for a two week delay. BIT always has racks available that can be ready in only a few hours, so you can get back to work.

We always have racks available that are connected to the power grid, a few UTP patches and locks. Fibre optic connections have to be ordered due to the many choices in types and connectors, but in an emergency situation there is always a quick solution to be found. To use the speedy relocation calamity again: BIT can have it set up in no time and can even assist in installing, cabling or labling your equipment. Even outside office hours.

Urgently need a rack for your equipment?

No dime a dozen, but bespoke solutions

No two issues are alike and therefore no two solutions are the same. Sometimes a situation requires thinking about an alternate solution. The 20 years of experience that we have makes that we want to think outside the box to find a solution that perfectly caters to the needs of our clients. Does your equipment require a deeper or wider rack, like some blade servers or storage solutions? We will provide a fitting solution.

Do you not want to have shared hosting on your equipment but also do not want to pay for a half rack? You can also opt to get a quarter rack with independent access.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for colocation? Please contact us.

By: Peter van Wijk

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