Power rate change and portal updates

Power rate change and portal updates

30-12-2022 17:00:00


As of January 1, 2023, BIT no longer uses fixed power rates. In all the years we have been providing colocation services, our customers have benefited from a competitive, fixed price for power. Since late 2021, energy prices have risen sharply, and the war in Ukraine is also causing huge price fluctuations. As a result, no energy supplier can or wants to offer BIT a fixed-price contract. Therefore, starting January 1, we buy our own electricity daily on the spot market.

Daily rates

Buying directly on the spot market means that we will be charging daily rates for the power our customers use. As our customers have come to expect from us, even after January 1, 2023, BIT will not make a profit on the supply of power. Our customers will pay for the fluctuating electricity prices, transport costs, taxes, greening the energy, and a percentage mark-up for cooling and emergency power. After all, every kW used by a customer results in a kW of heat that must be handled by our cooling system. Also, during power outages as well as our monthly emergency power tests, every kW we need must be generated by our generators, leading to fuel consumption. With this model, the profit and risk margins of energy suppliers are eliminated, and our customers benefit from low rates on the days when power prices are low.

Portal adjustments

Our customer portal has always provided insight into how much power each feed in each rack consumes. This functionality has been further improved and expanded. It is now also possible to indicate for which period and for which racks information should be shown. In addition, we provide insight into the cost of power consumption in the portal, where the data shown depends on the selected racks and period. For customers who want to do something with the power price themselves, we provide a json file containing the power price of the current day, and from 13.15 the price of the next day.


In the customer portal, where applicable, information is already made available about uplinks and traffic, data center access, virtual machines, virtual data centers, invoices, et cetera. Through an authorization scheme, rights management and 2FA, access to the portal is restricted and/or secured or limited by account.

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