Gaining experience in a datacenter: Ayoub explains

Gaining experience in a datacenter: Ayoub explains

03-08-2016 09:08:09

Offering internships to intermediate and higher vocational students in one of the ways in which we try to interest young people in careers in the hosting market. Often, students get into contact with a wide variety of software packages and hardware for the first time during their internship. Like Ayoub Bouallal (24). He is both a former and a future intern at BIT and also works there in his spare time. Ayoub is currently studying System Management Level 4 at the ROC A12 in Ede. What was his experience with interning at BIT? In this blog he will answer this question.

Fashion, or rather IT?

Over the years I have worked in many different branches. Before I came to BIT is worked in a clothing store. However, I was looking for something a bit more challenging in my career. A friend of mine started his own IT company. When I saw him tinkering with a computer, I was fascinated. This could be something for me too.

IT is very comprehensive and there are so many possibilities. There are all kinds of opportunities in the IT industry and there is a lot to learn. I am very ambitious and eager to learn. Every day at BIT I get to learn new things. No day is the same in IT.

A data center, what is that?

During my last internship I got to work at BIT for 20 weeks in the department of Data center Management. My work consisted of laying cables, copper and fibre optics in the data center, both for our clients and for BIT. I also patched the wiring. I worked on a current measurement project too, where the power of (client)racks are monitored. In addition, I worked with client's tape services and support for the client, like placing servers. My daily tasks consisted of physical security work (entry control system and camera system), but also placing and maintaining the equipment in the racks.

The funny thing is that before this internship I had no idea what a data center was. What do they do there? What does it look like? Still a data center is part of my study, but not all aspects are covered there. Many parts are very practice oriented. To learn more about the data center, I started reading into BIT and I immediately applied for an internship here. I have not regretted a second of it.

Choosing BIT

At BIT I have not only learned things in my area of work, but I have grown as a person. Practice showed that not all IT related issues are addressed in a classroom. Thanks to BIT I was able to work with (new) products I did not even know existed. One of the most important techniques I learned, is the fibre optic technique. That is going to be very useful in the future.

I am driven to acquire knowledge about the IT industry and its continuous developments. BIT offers many opportunities and possibilities to develop yourself. They like to help you think about how to keep improving yourself in your work. I have already learned a lot, but I am nowhere near done learning about IT.

My internship at BIT has finished now, but I knew I still had a few unfinished assignments. I indicated that I would like to keep working on those assignments here. BIT then offered me a contract to work for the department Customer Care/Sales, where I am able to have flexible hours outside of school. This way I can gain a lot of practical experience on the software side of a data center.

As of November I will have the chance to continue my learning process with BIT in the department of Customer Care/Sales for my graduation internship. I will be working on a project for the wiring of BIT's new property. This will become an 'ICT laboratory' with a network environment to test software programs.

Graduation, what then?

As soon as I get my diploma for IT Management, I would like to continue with a part-time college degree in Business Informatics. I am consciously choosing to do a part-time training to be able to combine work and school. That way I can learn the theory and gain practical experience at the same time.

I am not worried about labour opportunities. The demand for people with an IT background has only been growing over the past few years. However, I am not yet sure whether I want to work for a company or start my own.

Tips for IT interns

The tip I would like to give is simple: do what you enjoy doing. It is important to specify what you would like to learn and what your ambitions are. Then you have a goal to work towards.

Finally I would like to share a life lesson I learned at BIT: start your day with coffee! It has become an essential part of my life since I joined the 'working life'.