Sensing Clues saves wild animals thanks to uptime data center BIT

Sensing Clues saves wild animals thanks to uptime data center BIT

30-04-2020 11:01:10

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The non-profit organisation Sensing Clues uses the hosting platform at BIT’s data center. Sensing Clues deploys technology to protect wild animals from poachers in Africa and Asia. The uptime of the hosting platform is crucial in this case. Notifications are made in real-time, which is the only way for rangers to be in time to protect the lives of the animals.

Data collection and tracking app help track poachers

Sensing Clues has a Wildlife Intelligence platform where data from several sources comes together and is analysed to track poachers. This includes the Cluey Data Collector & Tracking app and the Focus 360 Analytics app. These technologies run on BIT’s hosting platform. BIT supplies virtual machines with super redundant storage. BIT also provides Sensing Clues with advice about the setup of the platform, the security and the backups. 

Jan-Kees Schakel, founder of Sensing Clues: “We are very pleased with BIT’s uptime and reaction speed. Both are very important to us. We work with many volunteers, but they cannot always jump into action when we need them because of their day jobs. That makes it all the more important to rely on a number of partners that are available 24/7. BIT absolutely delivers there. The uptime has been a hundred percent up to now. It would be very worrisome when a rhino or elephant has to die because our platform was offline for a second, causing us to miss a notification so the ranger does not get there in time. The platform is mission critical and I am glad we can trust BIT with it.“

Wido Potters, Manager Sales & Support at BIT: “Sensing Clues is doing important work in the field of global nature preservation. We offer our service free of charge, because Sensing Clues is fully dependent on donations. We are proud to be able to support this organisation with our services. Sensing Clues combines innovative IT with a pragmatic approach. They are a good match for BIT.” 

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