Maintenance transformers performed without a hitch

Maintenance transformers performed without a hitch

29-10-2015 09:29:53

Last Friday was the first time our transformers received major maintenance work at our location in Ede. This maintenance takes place only once every five years and requires extensive planning and organisation. While the transformers still carry electricity during the annual maintenance work, during this major servicing we completely switched to the emergency power of the diesel generators.

In cooperation with Liander, the necessary preparations had been made to ensure everything would go smoothly. Our clients had been informed of the maintenance in advance and we have gradually transferred to the emergency power. The eventual maintenance on the transformers was performed by Liander: a space with a charge of 50 kilovolts requires qualified and certified experts. The maintenance offered the specialists at BIT a unique look behind the scenes of the transformers. Even when we speak about turning switches, we do not mean the everyday switches, we mean meters. A unique experience for most of us.

Due to Liander's extensive protocols, the required safety precautions and the collaboration with our own specialists, the job was completed without a hitch. Oil, bolts, metering and cleaning, the transformers have had their MOT test again. We would like to share a number with pictures with you below. Power is at the base of our services, and that base needs to be strong.


By: Peter van Wijk