Customer Case Aangetekend Mailen

Customer Case Aangetekend Mailen

21-05-2019 11:33:35


Aangetekend Mailen: “BIT meets standards to enable safe digital sending of documents”

With the Aangetekend Mailen software, it is possible to digitally send important documents in an efficient, safe and legitimate way. Aangetekend Mailen was founded in 2011 by Philip Voogt and Wouter van den Brink. Philip Voogt: “We started this company based on the conviction that organisations will have an increasing need for digitising physical post processes. The bicycle bag full of envelopes will disappear from the streets and we are providing the alternative. The correct technical partners are crucial in this process.”

A digital mailman

“We make sure the email traffic is secure and legitimate according to the European eIDAS regulation so a strong partner in the field of security is a total must,” says Voogt. Therefore, Aangetekend Mailen is setting a number of requirements that need to be met by a technical partner. First of all, an ISO 27001 certification is important, which is an ISO standard for information security. Also, gate 25 has to be open, which is the gate that is used for an SMTP connection (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). These two aspects ensure that digital documents can be sent securely.

BIT as technical partner

A little more than a year after its founding, Aangetekend Mailen came into contact with BIT through one of the software suppliers in their network. And they turned out to be the perfect partner. BIT is now providing virtual servers, maintenance, monitoring, colocation, webhosting, domains (national and international) and backup services. “BIT responds in an adequate manner and we have short connection lines with them,” says Voogt. “The request for a new server on BIT’s virtualisation platform, for example, is met within a few minutes. Onboarding new clients is fast; we can upscale quickly because everyone really know what to do.”

At the moment, the focus of Aangetekend Mailen is on the current service package. The company is already active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. This year they will be expanding to a number of other European countries, including Germany.

The chemistry is there

The organisations work very well together; there is chemistry there. Walter Jansen, account manager at BIT, about the collaboration: “We are sharing our networks to make the business grow from both sides. We are helping think about fitting partners for the expansion into Germany. Aangetekend Mailen sometimes uses BIT-MeetMe for meetings with partners and clients, which is then combined with a tour around the data center by a BIT engineer. There is even a personal connection. We are often going out play soccer or go sailing.” Voogt adds: “In addition to the technology, the personal aspect of a collaboration is important. Both are very much up to par when it comes to BIT.”

The solutions for Aangetekend Mailen:

- Backup
- Colocation
- Domains
- Managed Hosting
- Monitoring
- Virtual servers


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